Posted by: McSue | November 20, 2019

Ten Year Overview of the ASCA Stockdog Program ** unofficial**

Click Here —> This picture includes TEN years of runs by the three major areas, arena, farm/ranch/ranch dog and post advanced. It includes dogs that are registered or have a tracking number with ASCA. It doesn’t include runs that have been called by a handler (HCT, or by a judge (JCT).

This picture shows lots of information.  It was meant to provide a broad overview on the ASCA Stockdog Program.   I don’t think it includes information that would enable ASCA or the SDC to make a change to the Stockdog Program. 

I believe you have to look farther into the details to provide actionable information.   


  • If a downward trend on started dogs was to show up.   It could indicate action is needed to bring new people and dogs into the program should be looked into. 
  • Are dogs NOT progressing from the started level on to the open and advance level?  We would need to look into the reasons they are NOT continuing.  Cost, access to stock, time, dog lacks skills to progress, or maybe the handler lacks skills to progress.
  • Are people stopping to trial their dog after they have received a title?   What is the average age dogs are leaving or being retired from the trialing program? 

I believe a comparison to other trialing organizations (USBCHA, AHBA, AKC) run numbers would assist.  This type of comparison would provide us with information to compare our programs health.  Is our numbers up, down comparing to other trialing organizations.

To gain a better understanding of our program I believe we need to look into the details.  Gathering and compiling information is a skill.  When I started trialing my first working dog, I didn’t see this information being shared.  Because my professional background included this type of work I simply filled a void I saw. 

  • Questions have been asked regarding the privacy of individuals trialing information. 
  • Questions have also been asked on the rights of a contestant to see the results of a trial. 
  • I would expect the next concern would be of pictures or video taken of a trial that is shared without the dog’s owner’s permission.


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