Posted by: McSue | August 5, 2019

Video’s of Aussies Working Stock

Looking for videos of Aussies Working Stock?  Well I’ve kicked off a project to compile a list with links to select video.  Do you have some great video of you and your Aussie working?  Well, let’s work together to compile a list.

There will be five different categories; Chore Dog, Ranch Trial Dog, Farm Trial Dog, Arena Trial, Field Course.  Chores is stuff your dog does for you on your farm or ranch.  The competition categories can be with any organization, or maybe just a quarter you and your buddies put up on the fence post for a little fun.

There are two ways you can submit your video.   1) Email me the video link.  2) You can add your link to “Australian Shepherd Stockdog FB Page” I’ll make a post for each of the categories. Please post links to video you ‘own’ on the appropriate post. Your comment and link will be reviewed to ensure the video fits the posted category and shows good stock work. 

Part of sending an email or posting on the FB pages is are giving permission for a link to Your Video to be shared on the ‘Stockdog-Up’ website. We will be posting the videos that really stand out will on the ‘Stockdog-Up’ website. 

We have already got a pretty good start, come help us compile a nice list of Aussies Working Stock.  Hey, maybe someone will see the idea and up and steal the idea and run with it. Whatever gets the job done, right?


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